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Q: How long do the batteries last for free camping?
A: It all depends on a number of things. Use of lights, entertainment systems, heating used and the number of times the fridge is opened. All our vehicles have a dual battery system. This means the engine battery is separate from the battery system used for internal appliances such as the fridge, lights and water pump. The appliance battery system will last approximately 12 hours when fully charged. The batteries only recharge when you drive the vehicle. Since the engine battery is separate, if you flatten one of the rear batteries, you will still be able to start the engine and drive. All vehicles have the facility to plug into electricity. When you plug into electricity in a caravan park all equipment automatically runs off 240V electricity rather than the batteries. You can then use appliances such as the television, microwave which only run off electricity. Some of our vehicles have solar panels which help recharge the batteries when parked, but the solar panels are not generally large enough to fully charge the batteries by themselves. A good guide is if you move location every 2 -3 days then the alternator charging will keep the batteries charged.

Q: Do the vehicles have power sockets?
A: Yes, however you need to be plugged into a power source on a campsite to use these.

Q: How long will the gas bottle last?
A: It depends what is running off the gas, as an example in the larger vehicles (4 and 6 berth motorhomes) using water heating and cooking from gas then one bottle (4.5kg) should last approx 2 weeks. If the vehicle has central heating and this is used it may reduce this to 1 week.

Q: Can I recharge my laptop in the vehicle?
A: If you are plugged in to a power supply at a campground then simply use a power point in the vehicle. If you wish to charge your laptop when not connected to power, you may use your own inverter which is available from electronics stores such as Dick Smith Electronics for less than NZ$100

Q:  Can you get good TV reception everywhere?
A: NZ has very limited reception outside of the metropolitan areas due to the amount of hills. Some of the vehicles have DVD facilities. Some other vehicles have Sattellite TV which provides excellent reception.

Q: Do I need to bring a plug adaptor?
A: New Zealand uses different power plugs to the rest of the world. New Zealand power outlets accept power plugs with 3 flat pins. Most likely, if you are coming from overseas you will need an adaptor. Find out more about NZ power plugs here.

Q: Can I connect the vehicle to a house electrical system if I am staying with friends and family?
A: NO. Government regulations do not allow for connection directly into a standard 240 volt plug in a house or garage with a 3 pin plug. There is the possibility of overheating and or fire.If a fire occurs as a result of plugging directly into a house, your insurance may become void. Campgrounds in New Zealand all have the correct power supply, your vehicle is equipped with this and you can plug directly in to mains power at any campsite.

Q: How much does diesel and petrol cost?
A: Hire a Holiday pays the diesel tax therefore diesel is much cheaper than petrol in New Zealand. However the rates at the pump fluctuate. For up to date fuel pricing go to www.pricewatch.co.nz.


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