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Driving Tips

Safety tips for travelling
New Zealand is a beautiful country, and travelling in a Motorhome is a fantastic way to see New Zealand. However there are a few things that may be different from your home country, so take a minute to learn the differences, and also read the following safety tips to help you, and your family, stay safe when travelling on our roads:

Take a few minutes to complete driving test to ensure you are familiar with the New Zealand road rules: www.drivingtests.co.nz/roadcode/tourist/



Keep left: Always drive on the left hand side of the road. If you drive on the right hand side in your own country, please take a moment to re—familiarise yourself with this rule each time you enter the driver’s seat. It is easy to forget where you are after taking a break.

Fatigue: If you are tired, you are much more likely to have a crash. Have a good sleep before a long trip. Take a break from driving every 2 hours. If possible share the driving. If you begin to feel sleepy, pull over and sleep for 40 minutes or more.

Traffic lights: In New Zealand vehicles are not allowed to turn left at an intersection when the traffic lights are red.

Courtesy: Be courteous and show consideration to other road users. Obey the rules of the road. Plan your travel to avoid traffic jams and keep calm. If travelling slower than other road users pull off to the side and let them pass.

Speeding: Excessive speed is a major cause of road accidents. Drive within the speed limit at all times, and watch ahead for slow traffic or road signs notifying a change in the speed limit. If you encounter sun-strike or heavy rain, or are unsure of the road, slow down.

Maintain the gap: Maintain a minimum two-second gap between your car and the vehicle in front. The gap should be greater in adverse weather or visibility conditions.

Keep left: Keep to the left at all times unless overtaking, and then only if you have a clear view of the road throughout the manoeuvre. Check your rear-view mirror and side mirrors regularly.

Seatbelts: It is compulsory for everyone in the vehicle to wear a safety belt at all times, and ensure every passenger is securely restrained. Pay particular attention to children, and don't forget to secure pets or loose items.

Drink driving: Driving and alcohol don't mix. If you're intending on drinking, ensure you are safely camped for the night.

Cellphones: It is illegal to either talk or text on a mobile phone while driving. Statistics show that using a mobile phone while driving is as dangerous as driving over the legal blood alcohol limit. Ask a passenger to handle any phone call, or if you're travelling alone turn your phone off and check it only when you take a break.

Animals on the road: Watch out for farm animals and horses on the road, particularly in rural areas. You may need to stop and let the animals go past you, or move slowly through the animals depending on the farmers instructions. Do not sound your horn as this may startle them.

One lane bridges: New Zealand has many one lane bridges, particularly in rural areas. Slow down and check for traffic coming the other way, and give way if necessary.

Care for your Motorhome: Check the water and Oil levels in your motorhome prior to each trip, this will reduce the chance of any breakdown.


Click here to go to the current list of Incidents on NZ roads.


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